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How to Tell if Someone is Lying  over the Phone

by Simon Cruise, author of Detect Deceit

Since you cannot observe the behavior of a person whom you are talking to on the phone, then how to tell if someone is lying over the phone proves to be difficult. But it can be done. Simply concentrate on specific verbal patterns. You may try this on a salesman who pesters you frequently. Or you may try this on your spouse if you believe that he makes up excuses as he informs you that he will be coming home late.

Here are the top three tips on how to tell if someone is lying over the phone.

  1. Get a baseline behavior. This is easy if you are dealing with your spouse. You know exactly how he behaves when he is lying and when he is telling the truth. Use that to your advantage. If it is someone whom you do not know, then engage him first with neutral topics. Pay close attention to the choice of words and the tone. That’s the baseline behavior, which is how a person behaves when he has no incentive to tell a lie. If you hear considerable deviation from that baseline tone and syntax, then there is a big chance that he is not being truthful.
  1. Watch out for anxiety. This manifests in the form of silences, although telling the truth can also lead to brief pauses. To confirm your suspicion that a person is, indeed, lying to you, do this: ask a pointed question that necessitates a yes or a no answer. If the reply begins with “well,” then something must be amiss.
  1. Listen to word fillers. If the person talking to you over the phone uses a lot of word fillers (“umm,” “ah,” “uh huh,” etc.), then it’s very likely that he is formulating a lie and is having a hard time doing it. But this is not true for someone who has difficulty in speaking the language (e.g. a foreigner).

Simon Cruise is the author of Detect Deceit, a revolutionary guide that details how anyone can learn to become a master of lie detection, with the ability to analyze the things people say and do and instantly judge whether or not they can be trusted. Find out more at

detect deceit secrets to tell if someone is lying.

detect deceit secrets to tell if someone is lying.

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