-How to TRACE an EMAIL Account

#1 fastest way to catch cheating spouse or partner infidelity.


During your investigations to find out if your partner is cheating you may come across an e-mail address you don’t recognize. For instance if you are using a mobile phone spy for your partners cell phone one of the things most phone spy’s reveal to you is e-mails sent and received with your partner cell phone. Or on the home computer you may get into your husband’s e-mail account and see suspicious or infuriating e-mails. In either case it would be great to be able to trace the name, address, perhaps even the phone number of the person sending these e-mails by tracing their e-mail account or e-mail address.

There are several ways to trace an e-mail account:

  1. Spokeo profile search engine is a very advanced online information database. Using this service you can trace the owner of an e-mail address. Spokeo can also trace a phone number as well.
  2. People Finders is another high powered and professional person tracing service with the ability to trace the owner of an email.
  3. Google – you may be surprised but Google is often a very powerful people search engine as well as a web site search engine. Enter the email address you want to trace. Make sure to surround the email address in quotes like so “email@address.com”

Method #1 and #2 are the most direct methods. To use their service you enter in the exact email address you wish to trace and it provides you with the name, address, phone number of the owner of that email account. Method #3 will allow you to find locations on the internet where that email address resides which may help provide more information about that person.

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