Way to Catch Cheating Spouse – Hidden Voice Activated Recorder

#1 fastest way to catch cheating spouse or partner infidelity.

How to Catch Your Cheating Spouse with a Hidden Voice Activated Recorder

catch a cheating spouse by placing voice activated sound recorders in key locations

Voice activated sound recorders can be hidden anywhere to catch cheating

Affix a voice activated audio recorder somewhere hidden inside your spouse or lover’s car.  A voice activated recorder for catching a cheating spouse is very very small in design and easy to hide.

Because they only turn on when there are voices the amount of recorded and incriminating data you can acquire is huge! The voice activated recorders at Brickhouse spy tools can record over 2,000 hrs of conversations and they are design with very long, extended battery life.

Remember these only… come on when there is sufficient noise to activate them like conversations. This means a LOT of voice recording time.  If your spouse is cheating you will most likely catch it in the voice recordings.

Because they are so small you can place a couple in different locations where you might be able to catch juicy and incriminating conversations like in your cheating spouses vehicle, at their work, etc.

  • CD Quality AudioTime/Date Stamping for easy review
  • Auto File/Folder Advance for recording telephone calls unattended
  • Longer Battery Life- 17 hours of continuous recording on one set of batteries

When you get to → Brickhouse’s spy tools web site ← enter ‘voice activated audio recorders’ in the search box and it will come right up.


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