Way to Catch Cheating Spouse – Change Caller ID

#1 fastest way to catch cheating spouse or partner infidelity.

Way to Catch Cheating Spouse – Change Caller ID with Caller ID Spoofing

Catch spouse cheating by faking his caller ID and disguising your voiceThere is a service called phone spoof card that lets you call anyone making their caller ID say any phone number and name you want.

When I say you can make their name and caller ID say anything I literally mean ANYTHING. (I called my cell phone from my home phone  spoofing a police dept number and the caller ID said that police dept name and that police dept phone number).

The power of this for catching a cheating spouse or partner is absolutely mind boggling! It is up to you and your imagination how you can put this to good use to catch your spouse’s infidelity. One idea is call them when you… are sure they are with their secret lover. Normally if you call your spouse would see your phone number and either not answer or tell his secret lover to be quiet because you are calling, etc.

By faking his caller ID to be the cheaters best friend or someone you know he would answer freely for you might hear sounds, voices in the background to give your more clues OR if you get a hold of a suspicious phone number you think may be the person your spouse is cheating with call them spoofing your husband or wife’s phone number and see if you hear ‘hi honey’ from the person who answers! This SpoofCard service also lets you change your voice even to a different sex and record all the calls you want as well.

If you have a great idea how to use the phone spoof card let us know about it!

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