HOW TO SPOT A LIAR [5 dead giveaways of liars]

#1 fastest way to catch cheating spouse or partner infidelity.

HOW TO SPOT A LIAR - Dead Giveaways of Liars

by Simon Cruise, author of Detect Deceit

Think about the last time someone lied to you. It stings, doesn’t it? Little lies, big lies – doesn’t matter. Dishonesty has a way of making you question your own sense of worth. Liars are pieces of shit and here is how to spot a liar real easy!

Well, don’t let liars get to you again. There are sneaky ways to spot  a liar. Let’s take a look at subtle red flags that give away liars and make it easy for your to spot a liar.

HOW TO SPOT A LIAR #1 – Intense eye contact

What you’ve heard regarding the lack of eye contact that is supposedly exhibited by liars is nothing but a myth. It is the opposite, actually. When a person thinks or remembers something (meaning, he is remembering facts), his natural tendency is to look around. When someone deliberately makes up stories, he ends up concentrating on convincing the person he is talking to – thus, too much eye contact may connote dishonesty.

HOW TO SPOT A LIAR #2 – Wobbling legs

To spot a possible liar, take a look at his legs. Jiggling lower limbs is a classic lying sign. This is difficult to see if you and the other person are sitting. The solution: drop something, and pick it up while you quickly spy on the other person’s legs.

HOW TO SPOT A LIAR #3 – Abnormal rate of speech

Is the person talking too fast or too slow? Is he mumbling or pinching his voice? Are there many instances of him swallowing hard or clearing his throat? If the person “talks funny,” then he’s most likely withholding something.

HOW TO SPOT A LIAR #4 – The smile

The smile is an excellent tell-all. It shows whether or not a person is sincere. A genuine smile involves the whole face. The eye area must show crinkling. Otherwise, it is a fake smile. In addition, watch out for the duration of the smile. A fake smile usually fades fast.

Other tips to Spot a Liar #5

Now, you might fail to notice any of these signs, but your instincts are still trying to tell you that something does not sound right. You just cannot pinpoint what it is. That means, you must have caught a spectacular microexpression fron that person, rendering him capable of deceit. Your gut instincts are your best defense. It is always best not to ignore them.

Simon Cruise is the author of Detect Deceit, a revolutionary guide that lets you know how you can become a master of lie detection, with the ability to analyze the things people say and do and instantly judge whether or not they can be trusted. Find out more at

detect deceit secrets to spot a liar.

detect deceit secrets to spot a liar.

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