How to Find out if Spouse is Cheating

How to Find out if Spouse is Cheating

Here is a list of the most powerful and fastest ways how to find out if Spouse is Cheating

The most powerful method of how to find out if spouse is cheating being #1 on the list and each succeeding method of catching your spouse cheating being less powerful. All of these methods listed of how to find out if your spouse is cheating are very inexpensive.

Below are the most powerful and fastest ways to catch infidelity in your spouse or lover, not in weeks or months, but a matter of days! If you don’t want to waste time and want to just get right to the truth concentrate on the ones listed here.

spousespy software boxCell Phone Spying on Spouse

This is by far the most powerful and fastest way to find out if spouse is cheating.

A cell phone spy on your spouses cell phone will show you every single phone call and text message your spouse sends and receives as well as their exact physical location 24/7.

MobileSpy is the most popular cell phone spy for catching a cheating partner but by no means is the only catch cheating mobile phone spy there is.

Here is a list of the best and lest expensive mobile phone spy software for catching infidelity and cheating in your relationship or marriage:

  • Mobile Spy $49 for 3 months spying on spouse cell phone.
  • Spy Bubble $49 lifetime membership
  • Cell Control $69 lifetime membership (if you can’t access target phone)
  • Phone Sheriff $49 for one year (spy on AND control the cell phone)
  • MobiStealth starts at $39. The BEST Blackberry spy.
  • Flexispy – more expensive but has advanced spy features like spying on live in progress phone calls.

PC Spy Tools program software box for AceSpy computer spySpy on Spouses PC Computer

The same way a cell phone spy spies on everything your cheating spouse does with their cell phone a PC Computer spy spies on everything your cheating spouse does with the computer including every single keystroke/word typed and what window they type it in.

AceSpy PC spy, pictured to the left is the absolute best. In fact so good the company that makes AceSpy also makes MobileSpy cell phone spy and is an outstanding member of the BBB. They have toll free 1-800 technical support as well. This computer spy program will also let you block things on the PC such as certain websites and programs.

If you want to go with an even more budget friendly but much less feature rich computer spy to spy on your spouse there is CheatingSpouseInvestigator PC Spy which is 100% free!  This program is much less feature rich than AceSpy but it is free and will show you everything typed and which programs on the PC everything is typed in.

  • Scan Cell Phone SIM Card – SIM Card Reader – This is similar to #1 Cell Phone Spying on Spouse except this method is if your spouse’s cell phone can’t be spied on with spy software because of the type of phone he has is not compatible (mobile phone spy website to see if it is). A SIM card reader will read the contents of the cell phone SIM card and show you calls and text messages.  approx cost $99
  • Reverse Phone Lookup Suspicious Calls – You can enter phone numbers from the home phone or spouse’s cell phone and do a professional reverse phone call lookup which will tell you name and address of phone number owner even if its unlisted or non-published number.  approx cost $49
  • GPS Tracking Stick in Cheating Spouse Vehicle – This device which is size of cigarette light can be hidden anywhere in spouse’s vehicle. It will show you everywhere your spouse goes and when they go there. Can run for several days without a charge. Retrieve whenever you wish to view data.  approx cost $229
  • Learn Lie Detections Secrets of the FBI – Law Enforcement – There are tons of secrets and methods for know if someone is lying to you. Most of these methods are only known by police and FBI.  Comes in a 120 page pdf document.   approx cost $39
  • Hidden Cameras – You can install mini spy cams no bigger than a quarter or spy cams disguised as everyday household items like an alarm clock, mp3 player, smoke detector or even a wall clock.  Some even come with night vision.  approx cost $99 – $500 depending on type of catch cheating hidden spy cam used
  • Personal Lie Detector – Handheld Polygraph machine – Surprisingly effective lie detection at a very affordable price. Works by detecting stress level in cheating spouse voice. Polygraph works by comparing current voice stress levels over phone compared to the baseline voice of your spouse.  approx cost $59
  • DEEP Background Check of your Spouse – Most people being cheated on scoff at this idea because they think because they have been married to their spouse for 20 years they ‘know them’ and their past. Didn’t everyone describe Jeff Dahmer as freindly, loveable, and personable?  approx cost $39

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